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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Today, the haze situation in Singapore worsened with the PSI in the middle of afternoon reaching a high of 239! This is one of the highest PSI for Singapore this year. Despite the haze, I saw on the streets not many people wearing facemasks these days as compared to the initial haze experiences that Singapore had in the previous years. I believe it has to be due to the fact that people are now "used" to the haze and also the fact that wearing a N95 face mask is not very comfortable to many. I have my windows at home shut down and use the fan for cooling comfort. I have drank quite a number of canned herbal drinks too. On hazy days like these, I believe many people will not complain of the normal hot and humid climate of Singapore.You can follow me on Facebook page if you find my posts interesting

Monday, October 06, 2014

Haze is back

This morning, before it was reported that the haze is at a higher PSI, I could already tell from the burning smell lingering in the air. The haze is back and it is making me feel hazy even at home. I do not like haze as it means I cannot jog outdoors.

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