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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I tell myself I need to Focus in Life and in my career. Focus will lead to Success, hence this morning, I took out a piece of paper and pen down all that I need to do.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Everyone knows how important it is to feel motivated in life. Only with motivation can one have the will and passion to ride through the hardships of life toward one’s own goals.

Life is not always a bed of rose, it is full of challenges and unexpected twists and turns. After having been through so much myself, I realize that life is not fair at all. We all have to accept that life is not fair, however we must not lose all hope and ambition on recognizing this very fact. Despites all odds, we must solider on to fight for what we believe and to achieve what we always want to do.

In life, there may not be justice at all as you see for yourself, seeing the injustice being played out in life, inevitably, we feel despondent and unfair. Self motivation is a skill we need to develop. Motivation and feeling motivated is not a easy skill to learn else there would not be hundreds of people paying few thousands of dollars just to learn to feel motivated from those so-called success coaches.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Life and time management

These few days, I am really really busy, with hardly a time to breathe, this may explain for the uninteresting blog posting on my blog recently. I really can feel the stress of modern day living on this little red island. There are simply too many personal committments.

Every morning, when I board the train, it is as though I enter into a coffin as most of the passengers are standing like dead fishes, crammed in a super-packed sardine can. Many of us, the passengers are simply too tired and are simply dozing off and catching a sleep.

There are too many Singaporeans who are leading an average lifestyle as salaried employees, working many hours, clocking in overtimes just to survive in this super high-paced and high-stressed societies. To many, there is simply no way out to escape from this lifestyle of an average salaried employee. In this everchanging economy, having a job to support the family is already a fortunate thing to many. Of course, everyone wants to do well in their career, earn more monies and succeed in life.

With many of us working as employees, spending so much of our time at work to earn our wages, we come home every night late and tired, hardly having the time to do what we want to do. For those with families, the precious little time that he or she has are to be spent even more productively as it is definitely more challenging with family committments. Come weekends, many of Singaporeans take the time to spend with their families, to laze around and relax at home.

This trend will keep recurring year after year, with little time on weekday night to do what one has always wanted and all the time on weekends devoted to other recreational and relaxing activities, as such, it is not surprising that for many, their new year resolutions are always not fulfilled as they simply do not have the time.

For those who want success and achieve their goals, time management is paramount. One has to learn to sacrifice the time for some activities he enjoys in order to plough back this time to doing something much more beneficial to his life goals.

It can really be challenging to ditch that old habit of coming home and adopting the easy way out to watch hours and hours of TV for something more construcitive as man is a creature of habit. But if one does not want to do the sacrifice and do the things he has also wanted to do, then when is a good time?

The greatest regret in life is finding it too late and too old to do something you have always wanted to achieve. As such, we should make use of life now.

I acknowledge it is definitely not easy to make the first move, to spend your precious little tired hours every weekday night to do something extra, something that benefit. But it is never too late and small efforts each day do add up to something transcendent over time.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Singapore Exercise

At first glance, today's blog topic seems to be a little bit weird. Singapore Exercise? What does that mean? Is it an exercise by the Health Promotion Board to engage Singaporeans towards a healthier exercise? The answer is No, this term is nothing but a term coined by me for an exercise that should be carried out by all Singaporeans, and if not, people the world over.

This is a very meaningful exercise which I have taken during one of the workshops that I attended which will make you reflect on life and more. To do this exercise, you would need just 15 minutes all to yourself and preferably do it during the day.

Do you have all the above 2 prerequisites ready to take this exercise? If yes, give yourself a pat on your back, you are on your way to find out more about life and more.

Okay, now with time on yourself, go out of your house, ya, I mean literally. For the 90% of Singaporeans who live in HDB flats like me, just leave your house, go down to your void deck and wander around in the neighbourhood.

Once you have done that, pick an object which you find most appealing. It can be something like nature: which is a rock, it could be an ant, it could be the fluffy clouds high in the sky, it can be a moving bus, in fact, it can be anything, but that something must appeal to you, i.e there is an essence or an aura about the object you choose which you find interesting.

Okay with the object you have chosen, the next part would be to write a simple poem about it. At this juncture, you may exclaimed "I am no poet!" Do not worry, the exercise is not intended for you to write very poetic rhymes, it can be something prosaic though one must definitely exercise truth and your opinion about how you feel about the thing you choose. One final instruction for this exercise is to use the word "You" to describe the object as though it is a living object.

Got it? Now, for me, I have chosen clouds, and these are my verses:

"You are versatile and every changing"

"You can life to many (in the sense that it gives water)"

"You can be beautiful or dull"

Have you written yours?

Now after completing this exercise, you may ask, "So whats the heck? What is so Great about this whole affair?". Before you start to condemn this exercise and close off my blog post and start cursing me for wasting your time, I want to challenge you to really do this exercise before I give you the final instructions in my upcoming blog posts!

For those who have completed and are so eager to find out this last instruction and do not want to wait for my next post on this topic, drop me an email and I give you the final instruction, you will be amazed at this simple exercise.

Trust me, I have done this exercise and it is really the best exercise I have done.

Really hope you can do this exercise and seeing your email soon!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Story of two different uncles in the Most Dangerous Place in Singapore!

Singapore is a peaceful and safe country, thus if I were to ask you where is the most dangerous place in the country, what would your answer be?

Geylang, Little India, Chinatown, Redhill... these 'havoc' enclaves when compared to other districts in Singapore? The answer is none of these as the most dangerous place in Singapore is our Public Roads!

Story 1: Stupid Uncle

Drivers no longer heed the basic road sign rules. Most of the times, when the Green Pedestrian sign is on, some cars still proceed on and on traffic crossing, drivers treat pedestrians with blatant disregard by driving through just before or after they have cross past the spot in front of their cars.

This evening, I was with my Dear in Little India when we were waiting to cross the traffic light. The cars in front of us slowed to a crawl and become stationary due to the long traffic jam ahead. The pedestrian man at the traffic lights was still red though all the cars still crawled to a halt due to the long traffic jams ahead.

It was at this juncture, that an old uncle (lao uncle or call him old hero) took the laws to his hand and started to cross the traffic junction with the red man on and most of the cars stopping due to the halt. He crossed nonchalently, face looking down on the road as if he thought it was perfect for him to cross the road when in actual fact, he was just exploiting the situation. When he was almost close to the other end of the road, a motorcyclist on the way to the traffic light screeched to a halt, to avoid the old man who has at that time appeared before him. That motorcyclist cursed the old man, who though stunned, walked off quietly and nonchalently as ever before. My god, this old man seemed not to value his life!

Story 2: Good Uncle

Still in Little India and revolving around the roads, my Dear and I saw this old uncle diligently repairing the traffic pedestrian light for the benefits of the pedestrians.

Cars were zooming and inching past him, it was such a dangerous working environment for the uncle!
Though many people might just say that the uncle was just doing his work, I still want to take my hat off to the old uncle for helping to do his little bit for the community!

The philosophical bug in me bit again as I tried to draw an allegory of what this good uncle did to life in general and here it is:In Life, there are many traffic pedestrian lights: we stop on seeing the red man and we cross at the green man. When both red and green men are not working, we need an elder and most experienced man to show us the rope and help us fix the problem.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Teachers’ Day

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It just feels like an ordinary Tuesday to me. Only when I read the newspapers an hour ago, did I realise that today is Teachers' Day.

Well, what is the big deal about this day, you may ask: If you are not a student, then today is not a holiday for you and hence why should you pay attention to this day? Even still, if you are not a teacher, there is no reason that you need to celebrate, no holidays for you too!

Why the picture of the Starfish for this post? Well 'The Starfish Story' was a good thematic story for MOE's recruitment campaigns. The story goes like this: "One day, a young boy ask a man whom he saw on the shores why he bothers to pick the many starfishes stranded on the shores one by one painstakingly into the sea, what difference does it make throwing one or 100 starfishes back into the sea." To his enquiry, the man reverted, "It does make a difference to every one of them".

Anyway, when I was a student, I also did not pay much attention to Teachers' Day, just that during Primary School days, we did some colouring cards for our Teachers to show our gratitude to them for their teaching.

To pay justice to the teaching profession, teachers help to inculcate values into our leaders of tomorrow and shape their character, thus teachers do deserve our respect. But lately, when the Ministry of Education steps up their massive recruitment drive of teachers, many questioned whether the candidates sign up for the teaching profession more for the lucrative offers rather than the passion to teach. The Ministry of Education has since readvocated its recruitment policies, reaffirming that the Ministry conducts a rigorous screening of the teacher candidates.

I bet after one steps into the society, one's boss is akin to one's teacher, teaching us how to do things better, but I believe our bosses are more of a coach and a facilitator, not a teacher.

For me, I am my own teacher. I teach myself to learn, read, cycle, improve my IQ, EQ,AQ and SQ, learn how to run, play musical instruments, self-enrich and lead life to the fullest!

There is a saying that says failures are life's greatest teachers, but I beg to differ: if one meets with failures again and again, but fail to improve and learn from each failure and continue to fail, how are failures life's greatest teachers? On the contrary, as I have always believe, we ourselves are our greatest teachers, if we manage to learn from our own mistakes and failures and improve with the passing of each day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living in Singapore

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All of us were born like lions: when we were young, we dreamt of many big things, we dreamt of being a millionaire, we dreamt of having a big bungalow and we dare to dream!

This is what I was when I was a young kid. I did not know the adult world, being sheltered and protected by my parents, living in an ivory tower, living in childhood fantasy.

Time and tide however do not wait for man, soon like the others, I entered the adult world after graduation into the 'university of life'. I started to experience the rules of the corporate jungle. However, as a lion which has been caged in captivity for years, it was hence a cultural shock for me to learn the rules of the jungle where I saw colleagues scheme, plot and backstab; the rich and wealthy discriminating the poor like me, evil people plentiful in the world, and hence like a tamed lion freed in the jungle, the once fearsome lion hence became bullied even by a lesser animal such as a deer!

Though I am disappointed with many of the people in the society, who will go all out to achieve the money, the status, the power and the motives they want, I have to accept that this is LIFE. To survive in this corporate jungle, the tamed lion must once again unlearn its old habits and learn the rules of the jungle! The lion need not be merciless and starts to kill all its preys and enemies but at least it will start to be more assertive, learn the rules of the corporate jungle and ensure that there is enough prey in the corporate jungle after competiting with the rest of the predators.

This is the rule of the corporate jungle. When it comes to the debate of foreign talent in Singapore and why Singaporeans are fearful of the China Chinese, the India Indians and the so called foreign talents, I believe it is due to the 'hunger' of these foreign talents that Singaporeans may be worried about.

When foreigners like China Chinese come to Singapore, they are driven and hungrier for success and hence determined and perservanced to make it big in Singapore,it is ineviden typical Singaporeans who after years of living in comfortable Singapore find it stressful to be living with them and vying for the same jobs on the local job market. Singaporeans may grip about good paying jobs going to these foreign talents, but these jobs may be given to them the better candidates.

In my opinion, on the back of increasing regional competition, I believe to sustain Singapore's economic advantage in the coming decades, Singaporeans must learn to be 'hungry' again and strive to improve their personal competitve advantage. Instead of asking government for help after being retreched, Singaporeans should always upgrade, reinvent themselves, enhance their employability to stay competitve.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The ISO way of Life

Many local and overseas companies have embraced ISO 9001 certifications for two reasons: firstly the certifications demonstrate to customers that these companies have a systemic approach in their business operations towards satisfying customers’ needs. Secondly, it is widely believed that a religious implementation of the ISO 9001 practices could lead to continual improvements in the company’s performance in the varied arenas.

There are 8 mantras to ISO 9001: Customer Focus, Leadership, Involvement of People, Process Approach, System Approach to Management, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Decision Making and Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships. In my personal opinion, I believe the ISO 9001 system offers an invaluable guide to streamlining the operational processes of businesses to achieve or even exceed operational targets. I am also starting to believe that one could also adopt the practices of ISO 9001 to one’s personal lives to help achieve one’s goal!

We talk about Vision and Mission in ISO 9001 as applied to businesses. Similarly, for each of us, we have a personal Vision and Mission in our lives. What do we want to achieve in our life? (Vision) How do we go about achieving our vision? (Mission). Similarly we have different customers in our daily lives: be it our parents, our siblings, our wife, our friends, our bosses, our colleagues… how do we go about satisfying their needs in ISO parlance can be interpreted as how we go about forging a good relationship with each of these ‘customers’. Abovementioned are just two examples on how we can apply ISO 9001 practices in our daily life.

We can definitely adopt the systematic approaches preached by ISO in our daily life to strive towards Effectiveness and Excellence! However, ultimately, every one of us is not a robot, we need to practise some flexibility in designing a systematic approach in our daily life.

I have learnt that ‘Focus’ is the most important ingredient towards success in one’s personal life and I agreed to it, but it would make more meaning to use the word ‘Right Focus’. For what use it will be, if one were to focus on an unconstructive pursuit? Whether or not a pursuit in life undertaken by anyone is deemed constructive is really relative. For some, they would find playing computer games constructive, others find doing volunteering work constructive, each has his likes or dislikes in everyday life. What one considers as constructive pursuit for which he channels his focus everyday may be derided by some as waste of valuable time.

A time-honored mantra I love and which I have found true is: “Excel in what you love and you shall succeed”. This is also how ordinary folks can become rich by focusing on their passions, on what they love and what they do best. Each of us is talented in some ways or others; all of us are not made equally. For some, they are good in sales, for others, they are better in research, thus there is really a spectrum in life of things that are available for us to succeed, which lies in our passion!

To find success in life, one must find out one’s passion, focus on it and excel!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spiritual Singapore

Its so easy to lose oneself in Singapore! By that, I do not mean to be lost physically. What I mean is that with the punishing pace of the local work culture, the escalating pulse of city life, the perennial lure of the hedonistic treadmill and the endless search for a worklife balance, day morphs into nights easily, days grew into weeks rapidly and soon one year will be gone in a flash! At this juncture, one will rue over the passage of time and a question will soon loom in his mind: “What have I achieved?”

To those Singaporeans who have achieved what you want in life, Good for you! Now for those like me, who are on our way to achieving our definitions of success, I believe the imperative is on us to remove the barriers to our success.

So what are these barriers to success? In my humble opinion, these barriers boil down to what I called daily distractions. There are just so many distractions emanating from all sources of city life, which deflect us on our journey towards our set goals. What one requires is focus and a dose of good health, twin basic ingredients for Success!

Now the crux is: we meet with so many unreasonable, unfriendly people everyday, eat so much MSG-laden food, experience the lure of the hedonistic, meet with evil people playing the all-too familiar office politics…. we try to focus but undeniably we are still distracted and affected by all these!

At this juncture, I believe on the importance of letting one’s soul FREE. Let your soul discharge, be free on weekends the only two days when most of us can really rest. We see lots of people on our working days, what’s worse to go to the city and downtown areas every weekend to jostle with the maddening crowd, to be dazed by the throngs of people, to wait for that coveted seat in food centres and lastly to be MAD! (and hence the vicious cycle continues!)

Thus on weekends, we should let our hair down, be away from the maddening crowds, be with your true self and soul, listen to your soul’s deepest and truest rhythms…. I will share with you folks on what I do to reinvigorate my soul in my next posts. And the journey begins from here (as shown in the picture below):

Monday, March 23, 2009

Singapore Life

In the past, I always have very low self esteem and do not have much confidence in myself, thus I have few friends and was often being made a fool due to my kindness, real innocence and naivety ....
I have since wisened up and learnt to function beyond my own expectations. The books I read, the talks I attended and the people whom I have interacted with, those people who are very successful in their fields, who have demonstrated to me that a normal human being can really function at a higher level that they expect, break away all self-limiting stereotypes, to function at a higher level and succeed in ways they could never imagine themselves to be.
I learnt the importance of time management. The world is fair afterall, be it you or Albert Einstein, Bill Gates or Obama, everyone of us has 24 hours, no more or no less .. it depends on how effectively we make use of our time to accomplish more things in our existence in the same limited amount of time than our counterparts.
I have seen many, who are really successful in their fields, accomplishing so much things in the same 24 hours that I have and that you have and their energy seems does not fade away, on the contrary, these very people seems more energetic than the average man; interacting with them, their energy seems to rub off on me.
I definitely have much to learn from these successful people who excel in many fields of their lives be it in work, family, community, sports. and hobbies. I believe that with the right mindset and atitude, I will succeed or if not succeed, at least achieve much more than before!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road to Success is paved with Stones thrown at us by others

On our road to Success, there will always bound to be people who try to distract us from reaching our destination by their hurtful comments.
I have learnt not to have my emotions be at the control of these persons, whose hurtful comments may spoilt an entire day for others.
I have learnt to control my emotions, and not to have my emotions be swayed, hurt by others.
Think of it this way, if these people can destroy your confidence just by saying some words, will not they be very powerful people? having control and an impact on how we behave and hurt our self esteem.
No, these people are just NOTHING to confident persons. A confident person realises that time on this earth is short and there are far lots of important things to be done during one's short lifetime on earth than to sit down and wallow in pity after hearing some unkind words from others or to argue with them.
A confident person knows that those people who come in regularly to throw a spanner in our life and hurts us with all sorts of comments, are wasting our time, diverting us from the goals we are progresssing towards.
Too bad, in this world, there are many people are quite superficial, focusing on the material things in life and not the spirtual things. There are many people who are hypocritical and have vested interest or personal agendas in the things we work with them.
Not that I am not trusting in nature, but life is really as such! It is the rule of the jungle in work and there are many crocodiles, tigers, lions in the corporate jungle.
My personal experience in life hiterto has attested to the fact that more people in life are unkind though there are also good Samaritians.
Unkind people may resort to using all sorts of malicious and devious tricks and deceptions to rise to the top of the rungs in career and other arenas but these would not last.
I believe in the rule of Karma. Let not others hurt you, you are in charge of your emotions 100%!
I was once an unconfident person but essentially good person who unfortunately was bullied by others before due to my good nature and also to mention, be hurt by other's mocking and jeering due to some unperfect phyiscal attributes!
But I have learnt to soldier on in life, and not let my life by ruined by those stupid people who would always harm,hurt you due to jealousy, envy or some personal agenda.
Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Life is short, people's hurtful words will not hurt us, and they will be angry to see their hurtful words will have no effect on us.
Let us strive towards our goals and let our detractors see what we are capable of!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dog saves dog

In this oft-described 'dog eat dog' society, it is touching to witness a real dog saving his counterpart:

Sometimes, friends may leave when one is in the lurch, perhaps we could learn a lesson or two from the brave doggie!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tribute to my fan

I find one of my fans has been experiencing some difficulties today and this set me thinking of how long this fan of mine has been with me through thick and thin, everyday for more than twenty years!
This fan of mine has been a loyal friend, a super-nice friend who has given me comfort when I need this fan the most! But alas, fans do age and would one day leave me.
New fans of mine today are gone after a few years, but this fan of mine has stood the annals of time, serving me for more than twenty years!
In case you got me wrong, I am not talking about fans as in supporters, I am talking about my very old KDK fan! This KDK fan my family has bought more than twenty years ago is still functioning today and is still reliant, though at times, there are minor hums here and there.
I do not know whether it is business strategy or what, electrical appliances today last not as long as appliances of yester-years? If appliances still could work donkey number of years, then how could manufacturers survive by waiting for business to come by only after some years?
Is redundance and bugs in equipment sometimes inbuilt?

The Renaissance Man

It dawned on me today as I sat attentively in a forum that some people make a choice on a trade or skill they would pursue for life as a career, stick with it, specialise and excel in it.
Definitely it is good to excel in one trade for life rather than not specialising in anything at all.
But what happens when one has too many passions to pursue, too many interests to consider to pursue for a career?
Life is too short for one to explore an interest to try and develop it into a career. We simply do not have time to explore all our interests to see if they could lead to a career which we would like every much.
I admire Leonardo Da Vinci, who is truly a renaissance man and a master of a host of skills!
I would like to be a Renaissance Man. Though I could, like majority of the people, choose to excel in one specific area for my career, the other many interests and passions, I would pursue them after work, in my free time.
That would be living life to the fullest!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyone is a salesman

In this world, everyone is a salesman and the most important product you ever need to sell is you, yourself.

You need to sell and know how to sell yourself to your prospective dream employers as well as your potential mates, failing to do so, the search for a fulfilling career or wonderful lover will always be elusive, unless one is wiling to make compromises in the search.

Your idea is the most important feature of you, the product and we must communicate effectively our ideas during the selling of ourselves.

Like a salesman, we will always meet rejections, most importantly, we should not fear failure, we should take them in our strides and should keep on trying till we succeed.

I have met with countless failures and rejections in life and I will still soldier on till I succeed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

View from the Top

Everyday life seems so small when viewed from the top of a skyscraper.
This picture should be familiar with you: Raffles Place MRT station and its vicinity.
People becomes dots when viewed from the top. I will get a certain inspiration of life looking down at life from the top.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Everyone has his or her problems. I am no exception.
I may be blogging here religiously everyday, writing about some fun things I do, or some observations I have in my everyday life and sharing these with you religious readers, but I myself am confounded with problems too.
Sometimes, one's problems may seem BIG but when one meets another person and see for himself that this person has an even bigger problem than himself, one finds that his own problem may seem so small or at least become smaller.
As an example, some gals may think they look ugly, but they should be blessed with what they have for I have really seen gals whose faces are scarred badily due to some accidents, I suppose; but life still needs to go on, and here they are, braving the stares from hundreds of people each time they step out of their home and soldiering on in life.
I can feel stressed at times due to problems and the fact that certain things in life is hard to change. One way to lessen the bad impacts of problems is to relax: go for a very fast run till you breathe and perspire deeply or go for a vacation and let your mind wonder and be curious about new things again.
We need to be curious and let our minds explore new horizons, going to different environments is relaxing, example going to overseas countries, experiencing a different culture and etc.
And that is the reason I like to or rather I start to explore trekking among the natural wonders of Singapore, such as inside the Macritchie forest trail. The first time, I went to trek inside the forest, I did it solo, can you imagine how exciting, how relaxing and at times, scaring, to venture alone in a world that is cut off from civilisation, only to be greeted with trees, leaves and grasses from top to bottom? Interested readers, can reply via a comment to my post, the next time we can form a small group to navigate the forests and experience the thrills of being in nature.
It does get boring everyday to wake up, be stuck with the jams of people in buses and MRT or to be jammed in the traffic jams, eat the MSG laden food at food centres, go back home, shack and tired after a long day at work, or after being scolded by bosses, or doing unproductive things at office.
I don't know, sometimes I feel like everyday we are spending so much time at work, trying to earn that few thousands to sustain our and our family living and leaving little time for bonding with our loved ones.
At times, I hate it! Hate this kind of rat race, hate the kind of curry-favoring, hate the kind of people who automatically rise to the top of ranks, and overrules others who are more capable than them, just because of some status they have obtained earlier in life.
But that is life. Unless one is bold enough to break away from this rat race by becoming an entrepreneur and bold enough to take risks, the risks of business failing.
I admire entrepreneurs who have make it big in life. Some are lucky, many are due to determination. But one should always give back to community by helping the less fortunated.. that is the hallmark of success!
(I am surprised, I am able to write such a long message tonight, was initially thinking of what to write tonight to share with you, my ardent fans!, anyway do feel free to comment on my blog, lets make my blog more participative! You need not have a Blogger account to post comment, anomoymous (i can never spell this word correct) are also welcome!)
Good night!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you achieved your goals set for this year?

Now it is coming to end of October.

And in just 2 months time, December is coming!

Then we usher in Year 2009 !

I shudder whenever I see that time simply flies.. faster and faster..
quicker and quicker...

I thought it was just some days ago when I celebrated the countdown towards Year 2008?

And now so fast.. coming to Year 2009 !

For my answer to my question, I would say that I have achieved some, and am trying to achieve some.

Sometimes, we have to see how reality pans out .. all these will affect our goals in one way or another.....Haiz, I will keep trying... let us keep trying and to achieve our goals!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Passion is to continue to do something in the face on ongoing difficulties and lethargy.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today I stayed home to clear my stuff, my lecture and training course notes.

Clearing stuff to me is an edifying experience because it definitely improves life. It gives you a sense of control, a sense of balance knowing that you can access your stuffs with ease, knowing where they are.

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