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Sunday, September 15, 2013


My family and I went to the GARDENS BY THE BAY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL at Gardens by the Bay. There are many good lanterns in the Gardens. There are stage performances too. For this year, the top 3 must-go areas for lanterns viewing are: Gardens By the Bay to see Giant Lanterns, some are dinosaurs lanterns; Chinatown to view lights-up of traditional lanterns and Chinese Gardens to experience a Jurassic Safari (the dinosaurs there will greet visitors). Admission to the 3 above attraction is free except for Chinese Gardens. I still remember going to the Chinese Gardens some years back during the mid-autumn festival and the theme there was Hello Kitties!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mooncakes: I like them original

As Mooncake Festival will be here in just two days' time, shopping centres are abuzz with stalls selling mooncakes and people patronizing these stalls to buy mooncakes for themselves, friends and relatives.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mooncake Festival

Today is Mid-Autum or Mooncake Festival. I wish All of you a Happy Mooncake Festival. I would like to share my archived blog posts of Mooncake Festival with All of you here!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Brightest Moon in 100 years

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Did you see it- The Moon, yesterday night?

Befitting the mid-autumn festival yesterday night, the moon was at its brightest yesterday night in 100 years! Great if you have seen it for yesterday night, the skies over Singapore were cloudy as the dark clouds, accompanied by intermittent rain, have cast a pall over the usually bright moon on the night of mid autumn, obscuring the glory of the moon in its fullest for Singapore.

However, the clouds casted away after midnight, so I believe you would be able to see the moon if you are awake after midnight yesterday and if the skies over your locality in Singapore are clear by then or you may have been wakened by the moonlight too!

Our friends in regions of China have seen the brightest moon in 100 years, unobstructed, which are Great for them. It must be a one-in-a-hundred years opportunity to witness a moon so bright yesterday night while indulging on the great mooncakes as well, accompanied by your loved ones!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Singapore Moon Cake Festival 09

Today is moon cake festival! How time flies, another year has gone in a flash!

Just a year ago, I remembered playing with my then-girlfriend who is now my wife in a neighbourhood park (playing with lanterns la, what are you thinking of??) and we even attended a mooncake festival in Chinese Garden, and all was very fun! Actually, it can be fun this year too as my wife has earlier asked me whether to carry lanterns once again... hmm, so sorry, I have to spoilt the fun, as I find it a little boring la, I apologized to her for my boredom, and maybe to the whole of Singapore for being a wetblanket ... anyway, I just wanna rest after a long overseas tour.

Talking about mooncake celebrations, where is the lantern festival at Chinese Gardens this year? There is none this year, probably because of the economic downturn, which is quite true, considering that a number of events are not held this year, one of which I remembered very clearly is the National Day Firework Festivals. Anyway, if you would live to relive the very romantic, exciting and wonderful moments of the Lantern Festival last year, just click on the "Mooncake Festivals" label at the bottom of this post and you will witness the magic again!

Anyway, today being the 15th of the 8th Lunar Month of the Chinese Calender is an auspsicious day when families get together, indulge in mooncakes, drink some tea and point to the moon and remark how round the moon is. But is the moon always round, if you think so, look at this photo:

Alamak, you may shout, why such an eerie moon on this year moon cake festival? Has the recent wave of earthquakes which rattled the islands of Indonesia, coupled with some heavy typhoons wreck havoc on the moon as well? Do not worry, the moon is still perfect, just that I took this photo of the moon back in Hokkaido during my tour a week ago. As Hokkaido is near the northern pole, it is not too strange to witness a half vertical moon

Tonight is a good night to spend with your family, eat some good moon cakes and bond with your family and loved ones, just like what I do, spending great time with my parents, siblings and wife. Enjoy the night, enjoy your moon cakes, and a Happy Mooncake Festival!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Singapore Mooncakes

Mooncake festival is just two days away (3 oct 09), have you bought your mooncakes already?

If not, and if budget is not your constraint, you may want to drop by Ngee Ann City to 'shop' for the mooncakes you love amidst the slew of different offerings there!

My wife and I have tasted a number of these offerings at the atrium and there are indeed many flavours of mooncakes these days: durians, green tea, mango, cheese, XO, blue berry, ice cream, besides the traditional flavours.

Prices for many of these mooncakes are not cheap as they are from the established hotels and confectionaries. A typical box of 4 durian mooncakes sells at $48 or so.

After tasting a number of these mooncakes, my wife and I still preferred the traditional-flavored mooncakes. No doubt, the durian paste in the durian mooncakes are great but with the price for the box of mooncakes, one can buy quite a number of baskets of durians and eat till satiation! Same theory goes for those mango and newer flavour mooncakes, one may just use that amount to buy the actual fruit and eat to one heart's contentment.

Anyway, this is my take on the newer-flavoured mooncakes, you may still wish to buy them, eat them and enjoy them... Happy Mooncake Festival !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Singapore's Largest Mooncake

This is undeniably Singapore's largest mooncake!

This record-breaking mooncake stands right in the heart of Waterloo Street in front of Fu Lu Shou Complex!

Hmm, I am sorry, this mooncake cannot be eaten (of course) :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Singapore Lantern Festival

Singapore is gearing up for the Mooncake Festival on 3 Oct 09. Though it is still a month or so away, just look at the photo above, Chinatown is being dolled up already!

Somehow. I find that whenever the month of June comes, the year will just pass in a rush! A number of holidays will soon ensue right after Singapore's National Day in August.

Coming up this month, we have Hari Raya Puasa on 20 Sep 09, followed by Lantern Festival on 3 Oct 09, followed by Deepavali on 15 Nov 09, then soon it will be Hari Raya Haji on 27 Nov 09, followed finally by Christmas on 25 Dec 09, another week later, it will be the start of another brand new year!


Please visit the respective lightup occuring now or sooner: Hari Raya at Geylang Serai, Mooncake or Lantern Festival at Chinatown and Deepavali at Little India.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lantern Festival

Today is Lantern Festival and in Singapore, Singaporeans celebrate this festival in our own way, our own styles at our own times at our own places that we love.
It is a very warm feeling to note that scores of residents flocked out of their apartment units with their families into the parks, playgrounds, lighting up lanterns, mini fireworks as well as candles, not forgetting the traditional lantern procession.
Without a fanfare, without prior coordination, Singapore tonight is abuzz with a flurry of activities as Singaporeans celebrate tonight with their loved ones, be it a night out at the park with the lanterns, dining out or spending time with their loved ones at home, eating mooncakes.
I went out with my Dear one to a park, carrying lanterns and lighting up mini fireworks and candles. It was like going back to childhood for both of us.The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) must have gone up a notch or two tonight as many parts of Singapore were enveloped with fumes from the fireworks and candles.
There was a 'terrorist act' in the park that we were in. Someone stepped on a bobby trap of poppers laid by others and all in the park and surrounding blocks heard a huge crack of sound. Then there were fire engines, ambulances and policemen rushing in to a spot in the park moments later and there was a scurrying of activities.A lady was hurt in the foot by her stepping on, onto the bobby trap.
A peaceful and warm night today was blighted by a stupid act. This incident serves to remind all Singaporeans not to take safety and security for granted, especially in this post 911 age.

Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival

I went with my Dear to the Chinese Garden to catch the Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival.

The festival was not free, it is $15 per entry for an adult but the theme of the festival: Kitties and Friends beckon many Singaporeans to come with their families to the Garden.

The garden was transformed into a picnic for Kitty and her friends. There were giant lanterns of Kitty and her friends crafted meticulously such that they do not look like lanterns to the visitors, they looked like the real affable Kitty and her friends, brought to life to Singaporeans in Chinese Garden at this Mid-autumn festival celebrations.

There were so many Kitties and her friends all around the garden and the fact that the garden was decked with visitors to the brim means that everyone waited patiently for the others before taking on the coveted spots for photography. There was also hardly any elbow room among the throngs of visitors.

It was an indeed feast for the eyes as this was the first time, I believed many Singaporeans including my Dear and I, saw how lanterns could be creatively transformed to adorn a most ordinary garden to give it a most magical feel at this festival of family union.

I took too many pictures yesterday that for the first time my fully-charged batteries went flat. I am sorry could not share all of these photos with you readers, I just chose the most significant one out of the lot that would best epitomise the spirit of the kitty and her friends!

Being a person who does not watch cartoons, I always thought there is only Kitty and her stead Daniel in the 'Hello Kitty' show. But today's visit is certainly educating to me as I learnt the different friends of kitty and how entertaining and cute they are!

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all of you readers peace, prosperity, love and health to you and your family members.

I believe the sales of mooncakes after having peaked for the past few days should have start to drop following today’s ‘climax’ of Mid-Autumn festival. Sales can dovetail to rock bottom prices, who knows. At this time of the day or later, scores of Singaporeans would be heading to the many different mooncakes outlets to catch a bite of the ‘discount’ cherry.

Too bad, no holiday tomorrow!

To watch some of the videos I have taken, you may visit the following links:

Happy Viewing!

Mooncakes Galore

There were abundant and abundant of mooncakes for sampling and sales at the Takashimaya Basement Atrium.

Companies, hotels and shops selling mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival turned up in full force to capture a slice of the moon-cake crazy market.

The sales has been going on for some days already but when my Dear and I were there yesterday to choose the mooncakes to purchase, there were still hardly any elbow space.

Today (14 Aug 08) is the mid-autumn festival day for the Chinese. Mid-autumn festivals fall on the 15th of the 8th Chinese Lunar month every year.

There were mooncakes and mooncakes everywhere and the floor was littered with hundreds of toothpicks…… sad to say a sign of social disgrace as Singaporeans threw their toothpicks after savouring the samples, though there were used containers to contain these toothpicks.

My dear and I flitted from one stall to another stall, savouring mooncakes after another, comparing the prices and taste before sussing out the next stall.

Finally we decided on the offering from Ritz Carlton, a very grand hotel here. The box of mooncakes cost $43.80 for a pack of 4 (Lotus paste without eggs).

But it was worth the money as when my Dear and her family and I tasted it, we wanted more! The mooncakes and their pastes were very fine and not too overly sweet.. these were excellent.

Though they were definitely cheaper mooncakes around, I would not mind to pay a little bit more on every mid-autumn festival to enjoy the better quality mooncakes.

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