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Monday, July 02, 2012

Spain vs Singapore

Spain has really cemented its position as the world's No 1 football nation with the winning of 3 international football titles! Yesterday's Italy performance against Spain is really disappointing. 4-0 for Spain! I am sure if Singapore, currently ranked 157th in the world for football were to play against Spain, it would have scored a better scoreline, say at the most 3-0 by doing defending all the time.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What is Excellence to me?

Excellence to me is exceling in the basic things we do. Many people underestimate the most basic things we do in life but they fear to know that these basic things underpin and shape our lives. Hence we should excel in most basic thing in life.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Everyone is blessed in some ways

Everyone is blessed in one way or another. There is no such thing that a person is not good in all arenas of life. There will bound to be arenas where a person is good at, as compared to others.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Jewel buried deep in the mud

Some people have lots of potential but talent, however they are in the wrong environments, and hence they never shine but are buried deep in the mud. It is regrettable.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The First Step

The First Step to doing anything new and unfamilar is the most painful and something that many people will not try.

Many people have lofty dreams, have great goals but often, they stumble, failing to cross the First Step and they are always steeped in procrastination.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plasticine people

I recently learnt of a word from the media: Plasticine people: well-educated people who have no more intellectual curiosity or curiosity about life.

It is easy to become plasticine people as most Singaporeans work late everyday, coming home, there are barely few hours left and then there is the time to sleep.

Come weekends, most Singaporeans relax. So how does one find time for intellectual curiosity or taking up a hobby? For me the question is not to find time, the solution is to make time. Life is too short for regrets, one must constantly make time for all what he wants to do in life!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Customer Centric Initiative by Changi Airport

Recently, Changi Airport has rolled out a slew of instant customer feedback machines, whereby visitors to toilets can rate the performance of the toilet cleaner instantly via a touchscreen situated at the entrance of the toilet with the following options: “Poor’, “Satisfactory”, “Good” or “Excellent”. While this can be a good move, I believe the system is prone to abuses.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Jobs, Career, Life and Entrepreneurship

After stepping into the working world, I began to understand the responsibilities of a working adult.

I began to understand how hard and difficult it is for my father to work and support our family, I began to understand how selfless is my mother to be a housewife to take care of our family while my father goes to work and bring the loaf back home. I begin to appreciate my parents for taking care of us

Hence it becomes a top priority for me to take care of my family and wife.

As a working adult, the most important thing is to ensure employment, first and foremost; career progression can come in second.

Employment ensures a continuous stream of income to meet basic living needs and pay off the myriad of fees.

However, employability means insecurity as you are dependent on another for a living.

It also means having others shape and define how much you will get paid and how far in your profession you can go.

So what is the best way to shape your destiny towards financial freedom and more wealth and time? The answer would be through the path less trodden.

Towards this aim, many people become entrepreneurs, dabble in forex, investments, real estate and other forms of venture.

While some make it big, many many others fail. And this fear of failure makes many business aspirants risk averse and remained on the traditional pathways of employment.

Before long, time passes and they become old, too old for anything new.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Uncanny ability to tell whether a person is good or bad

Minister mentor has shared with Singaporeans that his late wife, Madam Kwa Geok Choo has an uncanny ability to tell whether a person is good or bad from his or her appearance. I too have such an ability.

I am able to deduce from one glance whether colleagues are up to no good, play office politics or other bad stuff. I believe when one’s heart is evil, this form of evilness will be demonstrated through one’s eyes, demeanour, gestures and speech.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Men of Religion

The ongoing probe into City Harvest church's fund management has raised a ruckus in our society. Singaporeans have expressed similar sentiments when the famous monk Ming Yi was found to misappropriate his religious funds. This sentiment is not surprising as we expect men of faith and religion, especially those who hold leadership roles to uphold and exhibit even higher moral values and standing.

Recently, there was a funeral wake at the void deck of an apartment just a stone's throw away from where I live. After a recent jog, I took a double look when I saw someone in a monk's suit smoking at a Senior Citizens' corner in the void deck. I went closer for a look: it was an old monk, most probably a monk who assisted in the rites at the void deck. He was busy lighting up his cigarette, puffing away while making a call on his mobile phone, with a blue tooth ear piece in one of his ears. I am not against a religious man using high tech gadgets or driving. But to see the monk smoking, I was shocked! I was shocked as men of religion should eschew bad habits and be a moral example for the rest of his fellowman. Once I saw another monk in Ion Orchard shopping. True religous men should have given up chasing the luxuries, bad habits, wealth and fame of life.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The night I save a Cat

I was out just now and saw a bigger cat bullying a smaller cat. Angered to witness this scene, I chased the big cat away.

Why was I angry? Well, I draw parallels of this cat fight with the harsh realities of the world where some rich people can be really arrogrant towards the poor.

Final Lesson from Dr Goh Keng Swee

I watched in full captivity the live telecast of the State funeral of the late Dr Goh Keng Swee yesterday. Thousands of people had braved the elements just to pay their last respects to one of the greatest sons of Singapore over the past week.

Looking at Dr Goh’s funeral session which was attended by many distinguished guests, his family, friends and loved ones, and all paying tributes and offering eulogies to Dr Goh, the epiphany which has eluded me for some time now returned, overwhelming me: the epiphany on what life is all about.

Life is all about creating value to others and the society. Dr Goh was well-loved and respected by Singaporeans for he has not only cared for the society, he has created tremendous value to Singapore by helping make Singapore what it is today. Dr Goh Keng Swee has also touched the lives of many Singaporeans.

At your own funeral, what would you like to be remembered as to your loved ones? For those who have been stuck in the corporate rat race chasing for the millions and a premium living, I guess the same answer also applies: people do not remember you for earning that few millions but they remember you , long after you have gone, for how you have created, added value or helped them in their personal lives and the community in general.

The worst form of humiliation that can be accorded to anyone is to denigrade the value of an individual in any social roles he or she takes on: be it as a family member, as an employee, a friend or just as another human being. E.g. Many bosses treat their employees nastily, employees do not feel valued and hence leave the company. Dr Goh accords the requisite value and worth deserving of any individual to him or her.

So while we hope we will be valued in the social roles we take on, we can also help make the world or Singapore a better place by adding value to our fellow mates and community today!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kampong Spirit in Singapore

Who exhibit the Kampong Spirit in Singapore? To find out the answer, we need to look at the 80% of the Singaporeans living in Housing & Development Board flats.

To this large group of Singaporeans, void decks are definitely not something unfamiliar to them.
Whenever I pass my void decks, I will always see the same senior citizens and neighbours sitting at the benches in the void decks. Their presence there seems to be a permanent fixture of our HDB landscape as I can see them, the same faces, every time I leave for work and return home…so much so that I think these senior citizens or I should call ‘void deckers’ have come to master the time-tables of my family and I, as well as for other families.

It is understandable why these senior void deckers are there at almost any time of the day. With their children working, they may feel bored and instead of sitting at home facing the cold confines of the walls, they would rather venture out of their home, to the void deck just below, to see the world pass them.

Along the way, these senior void deckers and neighbours whom I describe above have come to strike a chord with the families of the HDB block that they live in. It may begin as a friendly gesture of them to smile and say hi to the families. As time goes by, these void deckers will start to strike up a conversation with them and find out more about their personal affairs. When they do this, to each of the families they see, exiting from the lift into the void decks, many times a day, this friendly gesture can soon give way to ‘intrusion of privacy’. I mean everyone has his own sense of privacy and when these void-deckers ask you this and that and more into your personal lives every time you meet them, it can be rather annoying.

In mentioning the above, I must be fair to say that not all senior void-deckers behave as such. Those who behave in the manner I described above, are in essence, what we called in Singapore parlance, ‘kaypohs’ (nosey-pokers, if I get the English version correct). I have neighbours who are simply kaypohs that nowadays I just ignore them. It can take me a number of paragraphs to list down the kaypoh things they did but whatever it is, is history.

Back in modern Singapore today, we are still fostering the ‘Kampung spirit’ that we cherished in the past, which has since gone with the build-up of the HDB flats where ‘closed doors’ are now quite the norm. Can we say that all the HDB kaypohs exhibit what we called ‘Kampung spirit’? I can only say yes, provided that it is done with discretion and not in excess to the point of privacy intrusion.

Week after week, there are lots of events organized by many community organizations to foster community bonding together. As of today, I think the kampong spirit in Singapore is hard to revive. Firstly, in the world today, Singaporeans lead very hectic lives at work and at home, hence I believe they would want more private moments spent with their families than interacting with residents in their free time.
Also, the influx of new citizens has made the social landscape of Singapore even more complicated. More effort is needed to bridge the interaction of our locals with the new citizens.

Thirdly, the advent of technology and the internet has made people, especially the young, ‘captives’ of social networking medium, which has changed the way people interact.

Singapore today is different from that in the 1970s, hence the Kampung spirit of the 1970s may be impossible to foster. What we can continue to foster is the social graces of neighbourliness which is more easily understood by the masses of today.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Chatting is part and parcel of life. Chatting is informal and is usually done with your family, boss, friends and colleagues. Chatting is part of our daily conversation and presentation to others and it is hence important that in chatting, we observe good chatting ethnics.

Unlike official business presentation, when we chat and communicate casually, we are giving others a deeper insight of us. In chatting with colleagues, bosses or friends, we are often relaxed but in this relaxed mood, we should always be discerning and not to speak more than what should be.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adam Khoo on why expats will rule Singapore

Adam Khoo is a person whom I admire: he became a self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and currently runs a slew of training, education, coaching and money-mastery classes at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies, doing the things he loves. While it is common to hear and read Adam Khoo talk about his success story and how to excel in life, it is interesting to read his take on why expatriates will rule Singapore!
Adam Khoo attributed his thinking that expats will rule Singapore based on the very fact that the expats who are currently here in Singapore, much to the discomfort of many Singaporeans who think that the expats are competiting with the locals for jobs, housing and education have the same kind of desire to excel against all odds just like our forefathers. This craving and desire for success is not commonly found in our younger generations these days.
Yup, the integration of the million of foreigners and expatriates with Singaporeans is always a task the government carefully look at to achieve harmonious living in Singapore. To read Adam's article, this is the link:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How time flies

Today is 28 Mar 2010.

I am shocked! 3 months just passed in the blink of an eye! It seems just yesterday that I was merrily celebrating Chinese New Year with my loved ones, but now it is the end of March!

Reminsicence sets in and I ask myself what I have done in the past 3 months.

I have not achieved much in terms of the goals set for this year. I have not achieved any of my goals set for the year.

Today, I sat, thinking of how to proceed with my life, how to get out of the impasse of my life at this current juncture.

Life is a mix of turns and bends. I was not careful enough to fall into my current rut of my life, being harmed by villians, who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and think that they are the Kings, thinking that they have the power to thwart poorer folks like me.

Effectiveness (doing the right things) is much more important that doing things right (Efficiency), and I must start doing the right things today to improve my life and get out of this rut of my life!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just two weeks ago, Jack Neo’s affairs with a number of ladies, ranging from hot girls to middle-aged women have hit Singapore like a storm.

In his wrapping-up speech to conclude this messy affair, Jack, has reportedly attributed to his misdeeds being exposed all as a result of Karma and he has commented that he has “reaped what he has sowed”.
As a firm believer of Karma, I believe what Jack Neo has said is absolutely correct!

Karma is the natural law of “cause and effect’. Whatever actions we do, we are implanting the ‘seed’ or ‘cause’ and we will be reaping what we have sowed directly or indirectly, after some time (be it months, years or even decades)! … the long unwavering arms of Karma will catch up with you! Of course, if you do good, you will reap good karma too!
I have been at the receiving end of certain nonsensical people at times. I do not want to waste my time and breath, chastising them or trying to rectify the beliefs of these “lesser mortals”. These people have “squandered an opportunity” in Karma and I would like to state that these nonsense with these people have been “categorically closed” as they will be dealt with by the laws of Karma.

However, not everyone believe in Karma like me as not everyone believe in horoscopes.

Last but not least, if you thought the phrase in “ ” familiar looks quite familar, yes, these are words that have been reported in the newspapers as coming out from the mouth from 1 Minister, 1 Acting Minister and 1 Member of Parliament! As an avid reader of the local newspapers, I picked up some good vocabulary reportedly spoken by our top leaders. The latest word I learnt is the word ‘daft’.


All of us have an innate passion for learning. As the saying goes, the purposes of man in life are to live, to learn, to love and to leave a legacy. That goes without saying that everyone of us has the need to learn new things in life.

The need to learn is the most expressed when we are children. As children growing up in this multi-faceted world, we are curious about almost everything else and want to learn what we are curious about, childhood is hence the period when we are the most inquisitive and most experimental. Hence, as children, we love to play games where we exercise our creativity to the fullest! (actually, as an adult, I also love to play free online games, to admit!)

Parents have a pivotal role in helping their children to learn. The duties of parents, in facilitating the learning of their children are not just limited to ensuring that their charges receive a formal, good and proper education in schools, parents should facilitate learning of their charges in all phases of life outside school. By this, I do not mean that parents send their children to extra tutorial lessons, enrichment lessons like piano lessons, which is typical of what parents in Singapore do. What parents should give their children is simply the freedom to learn things from all facets of life on their own.

If parents are over-protective of their children since they are young, executing all the things for them, this will ultimately kill the joy of learning of their children. When these children grow up, with every chore taken care of, they will never learn to do these things and worse, they become overtly dependent on their parents. With the enthusiasm of learning being stifled from young, these overly-protected children eventually grow up, without any zest for learning and without any zest for life. Being dependent on their parents, they will consult every decision they need to make in their lives and worse they would even let their parents decide or even implement each and every matter they face in life.

There is a myriad of things to learn in life outside a formal education. These span from cooking, sports, leisure, socializing, arts and craft, music, technology and so much more. Overly protected children will grow up, to be fearful of new learning. They may grow up to be reclusive of the society (since their overly protective will most likely limit their socialization since young). These children may grow up, to be proper and prime, but they may lack an exciting life as they no longer want to learn new hobbies and skills.
Since overly protective parents may exert a tight rein on their overprotected children, it will really take a fair bit of struggle and courage for the overprotected children to make a stand and tell their parents that ‘enough is enough’. Overly protected children may know it is heart-breaking to defy their overly protective parents and to engage in tiffs with them but if they do not do so, their lives and development will be at stake!
I do not have official statistics for Singapore and for the world on the number of children who feel the pain of being overly protected, but if you are a parent reading this post, please do note to give your children some liberty to learn things on their own. And if you are children who have bored the brunt of ‘over-protectionism’, it is time to stand out and make a choice on how you would want to live your life NOW!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Are you Happy today? What if your boss give you $500 for your work, will you be Happy? I believe you would be Happy for receiving this extra income.
Now how will you feel if you know that your boss gives $1000 to all of your other colleagues? I bet you will go from being Happy to being Unhappy as you have received an amount much lesser than your counterparts received.
I believe being Happy or not is a choice but influening this choice is all about relativity. Everything people perceive in the world is about relativity. If you compare your income to people with lesser wages than you, you will feel you are more well-to-do. Similarly if you compare your income with multi-millonaires, you may feel unhappy. Thus the world is all about relativity.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Singapore

Just a week ago, the Singapore Tourism Board has unveiled a new branding campaign or rather tagline for Singapore. The good old "Uniquely Singapore" tagline which has been used for many years has now given way to "Your Singapore"
This new tagline, to promote and market Singapore to the world as a leading tourist destination has drawn flak from many Singaporeans and foreigners branding experts including. Their beef is that the new tagline has lost the soul of what defines the Singapore's experience. The taglines of other countries have almost remain unchanged and therein lies the value of their marketing tagline and the branding.
"Amazing Thailand", "Malaysia-Truly Asia" and now for Singapore, the branding reads "Your Singapore".
Personally I understand the aims of the team in coming out with the new Singapore branding tagline. The team wants each tourist coming to Singapore to plan his own itineries to explore the Singapore he or she wants to see.
I find the new branding slogan quite plain and it can only make sense to a more educated tourist who knows that this tagline means that Singapore has all that he or she wants to see and to explore. However, for the typical tourist, this tagline and branding may sound a tad too plain. The new branding to me is like an empty glass which Singapore Tourism Board hopes that each tourist coming to Singapore can fill it with either coke, orange juice, Pepsi, etc depending on his or her own tastes and preferences. However, as I say, a customer being offered the empty glass may choose to ignore it at all while pursuing other glasses filled with other beverages afforded by other countries.

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